Your translations are safe in our hands!

Translation – regardless of the format or the domain of your document, you will find the appropriate professional translator at us. Whether it is a technical specification of a machine, a user manual of a device, the operating instructions for a toy, a novel or medical tests we will always find the right translator for you, specialized in the field where your document fits.

Certified translations – these translations bears the translator’s signature and stamp which certifies, according to the law, the accuracy of the translation.

Legalized translations – Any certified translation can become a legalized translation, by the confirmation of a public notary of the fact that the translator’s signature is authentic and that the translator is authorized by the Ministry of Justice. Only translations of original documents issued by authorities, signed (and stamped) by these can be legalized. According to the law, to legalize a translation it is necessary to present the original document in the source language.

Correction/ proofreading – proofreading is included in all translation projects, being carried out by a second translator, preferably native speaker of the target language. But we offer these service also separately, for translations of whose correctness you are not sure.

Simultaneous interpretation – or conference interpretation, is the simultaneous translation of the orator’s speech accomplished by an interpreter in the standard conference cabin, equipped with the appropriate equipment for simultaneous interpretation.

Consecutive interpretation – the oral translation of the orator’s speech, alternating with it, usually after completing a sentence or an idea.